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Dyslexia Is Our Superpower Podcast

Jun 26, 2019

"When my son was getting two hours of pull-out we moved to a small little town and when we first moved here he had tons of friends. But then a month or two later nobody was coming around anymore--he didn't have any friends. It's because kids viewed him as the special ed kid. So this past year we stopped the school intervention and did intervention privately at home and he now has friends. We have to look at how our children are being harmed and provide the appropriate intervention."

"As an adult with dyslexia there's definitely a lot of shame around that. I've learned to embrace it, learn about it, and embrace the qualities that work for me as well as embrace the qualities that are more difficult." -Kellie Henkel


Some of the resources Kellie mentioned: 

Rebecca Loveless:

Gina Cooke:

Pete Bowers :

David Berg:

Emily O'Conner: