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Dyslexia Is Our Superpower Podcast

Oct 25, 2017

Mark talks about how his project, Dyslexia and the Creative Mindset which is a combined film and book product aimed at flipping dyslexia on its head and viewing it from a positive angle came to be and why he feels so strongly about offering it for free to the community. 


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Oct 17, 2017

Steve tells us his own dyslexic story as well as the adventures he went on standing up for dyslexics in an academic setting. 


Oct 13, 2017

From both the point of view of both a dyslexic and parent of dyslexic, Darius shares with us his story and his mission to teach one million youth how to mind map.

Oct 4, 2017

Full of honesty and advice Don and Elizabeth open up about the difficulties they faced in their marriage and how discovering more about Don's dyslexia brought them closer.